Stylish Hand Dyed Super Soft Kimono Cardigan

The fall season is just around the corner and that means new arrivals and a brand new wardrobe! What better way to get it started than with a stylish hand dyed super soft kimono cardigan. A lightweight sleeveless kimono cardigan will surely set a fashion statement this fall. Taking your outfit to the next level with colorful tied yea patterns and intricate designs. The Comfy Monk has a fantastic selection on Long sleeve and sleeveless kimono wraps. From black and darker hues, to blue ocean and colorful prints, they have all the styles you could ever want. The vast selection is coupled with the fact they are all handmade and require an artisan to create each piece. The process is strenuous and time consuming to make each kimono perfect and hand tailored to customer’s satisfaction.


This cardigan goes well with neutral black, beige or brown pants. It has a fashionable feel and goes well over tank tops, shirts or dresses. It is extremely flowy and has a summer/spring vibe to it. The blue tones with the intricate flower leaves a lasting impression. Together with you favorite fall outfit, this adds an extra Best decision I made this summer was to buy a sleeveless kimono from the Comfy Monk!