The Truth about Yoga

Perhaps the most commonly practiced and well-known form of Yoga is what’s known as Hatha Yoga. Hatha essentially translates in Sanskrit to the word “force” and is derived from two separate words (“Ha” meaning “sun”, and “Tha” meaning “moon”). Duality between mind and body.It is rooted in the fundamental belief, as stated before, that control over one’s own body can ultimately lead to control over the mind and the ability to ease the constant barrage of thoughts that so often overwhelm our daily minds.

If you are looking for something less intensive, are suffering from some medical ailment or are perhaps just getting on in years, than Restorative Yoga may be more up to your speed.

It aims to increase physical dynamics in those who might otherwise find themselves compromised in that realm. Generally, most of the poses are done lying on one’s back.

This form of Yoga is what’s known as “prop-based” Yoga- it may involve blocks, cushions or blankets that help to assist the practitioner and maximize both their mobility and comfort level.

If relaxation is what you’re looking for, many will tell you that restorative Yoga is second to none. It helps to release tension in the muscles and alleviate overall rigidity throughout the body.

Its pace is slower than most, focuses heavily on the breathing element of the Yogic experience and is generally geared towards overall stress relief.

Some postures are designed to be quite relaxing, while others are designed to be extremely challenging. For many it will be difficult to know exactly what’s right for you until you get out there and try it.

If you are looking to become serious about more intensive Yoga it is still good to start off small and build your way up, lest you “burn yourself out”, so to speak.

In order to withstand the postures (and they will become more intense as one progresses through the itinerant ladder of Yoga) one must be of strong enough mind to hold the aforementioned poses, sometimes for extended periods of time, depending on their age, physical health and determination.

It may look easy from an outsider’s point of view, but ask anybody who’s ever held a Crow’s Pose for 5 minutes if it was relaxing and they are likely to tell you it was as intense as an uphill sprint or an intense round of weightlifting. The physical inertia required is reinforced by a strict focus of the mind in order to maintain position. It requires complete and total psychic precision.

At first, to the novice, it may feel like torture. But as one continues with their Yogic practices, slowly they will begin to transcend the physical unpleasantries that accompany the serious practice of Yoga.Their mind becomes so focused on the balance of the body- the structure of the position- that at some stage one reaches a “crossing point“, whereby the mind can focus on the Yoga pose and nothing more, because the Yoga pose requires undivided attention and a disciplined strength of the mind.

It is here where many will find a psychic symbiosis occurs between mind and body.

Two become one.

The body cannot hold pose without the complete and utter sacrifice of the mind; the mind in turn, cannot be truly focused without the discipline the pose demands.

A convergence occurs, and the discomfort subsides.

It is here where, if you are blessed enough to have dedicated yourself to the practice of the body/mind synergy of science and art that is Yoga that you may find the third entity: The spirit. 

To be continued…

These are Excerpts taken from – The Truth about Yoga

The Best Cheap Yoga Leggings and Yoga Pants under $24

Yoga Pants that have good quality are hard to find these days at affordable prices! The struggle is real to find the balance between high quality material and craftsmanship with the reasonable price tag. Some yoga leggings are very expensive but turns out to be extremely low quality for hat you pay for. Tests should be done such as the Squat test to ensure they can flex with your movements. Flimsy material along with machine printed stitching are signs of yoga leggings that are cheap. With all that said, it is not uncommon to buy cheap leggings and they turn out to be your favourite pair.

Cotton yoga pants are the typical material used in production. Other materials can provide different utility for your needs. Spandex gives a tighter compression and more mobility while the cotton leggings have an edge in comfortability. Even the cotton leggings have a propensity to lose their stretch and have a higher chance to pill when washed.

Cheap bootcut yoga pants offers exceptional air flow for walking around while maintaining a sleek yoga legging style. This style gives maximum comfort and gives you the feel of active wear leggings where you can move around with no restrictions. They are breathable and can be utilized for hot temperature activities. On the off chance that yoga pants aren’t your thing, you can generally shake some snappy yoga shorts that offer a tighter waistline and compression, however they will free up your legs.

Yogi’s near and far have become accustomed to changes in the industry, with high-waisted yoga leggings becoming increasingly popular. These leggings help lengthen your legs and keep your hips slim, the ideal situation for all women. You can style your wardrobe with a crop top in order to show off the high-waistline.

What are the best Yoga leggings brands?

New fashionable yoga leggings brands have burst into the women’s fashion market over the past 15 years. Fashion is ever changing but the yoga pants market is here to stay at the moment. Every major clothing retailer began releasing their own ‘unique’ yoga pants and leggings to compete with each other for market share.

Not exclusively did the enormous retailers get on board with the temporary fad, you have littler organizations competing for clients and specific yoga retailers attempting to keep up their piece of the overall industry. Littler organizations like The Comfy Monk utilize progressively customary techniques. Sustainability for yogi’s along with the ethical practices of a company are more important qualities that customers look for. 

Old navy yoga pants is a good example of a brand that was previously unknown in the yogi industry and they have gained traction over time with their minimal designs. Aerie Yoga pants specialize in mass producing minimal designs that fit the contours of your body. The slim relaxed fit style will surely fit any body shape.

High waist yoga leggings have transformed the yoga and athletic wear industry by giving a new revamped design to make you feel and look good. The functionality is unmatched by traditional yoga pants. High quality fabrics give extra comfort and utility for working out.

High waisted Yoga leggings aren’t the only style to choose from. Alo Yoga leggings and target leggings offer similar styles with great deals alike. 

The Perfect Pair of High Waisted Gym Leggings

Yoga pants from the
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Unlike cheap
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Together with the
functionality of the leggings, you also get the fashion of tie-dye yoga
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Comfort, performance
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Stylish Hand Dyed Super Soft Kimono Cardigan

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This cardigan goes well with neutral black, beige or brown pants. It has a fashionable feel and goes well over tank tops, shirts or dresses. It is extremely flowy and has a summer/spring vibe to it. The blue tones with the intricate flower leaves a lasting impression. Together with you favorite fall outfit, this adds an extra Best decision I made this summer was to buy a sleeveless kimono from the Comfy Monk!